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Papinelle - Brand Review

September 22, 2021 2 min read

Papinelle Sleepwear

Papinelle - Brand Review 

Papinelle Sleepwear is a luxury women’s sleepwear designer that is Australian-owned. 

Papinelle was created by Renae James, who began selling her PJ’s at Sydney’s Paddington Markets. What followed for her was the opening of her first store in Oxford Street, Paddington. 

Inspired by French patterns along with high-quality, beautiful fabrics, Papinelle is worn by women around the globe. 

Papinelle offer a range of women’s pyjamas, robes, separates and much more. 

So, what are our thoughts on Papinelle? In short, we love everything about the brand!

Apart from being a brilliant Australian success story, we love how Papinelle Sleepwear makes us feel. Not only that, they are diverse in the sense that their pieces can adapt to how we want to feel on any given day. 

  • Want to spend the night feeling romantic? Papinelle can help. 
  • Want to spend the day lounging around in a boyfriend-style shirt? Papinelle can help
  • Want to wear your pyjamas to work (at home) and no one on the Zoom call will reaallllyy know how comfortable you actually are in that moment? Papinelle can help
  • Want to go all out and wear a set of uber luxurious silk pyjamas? Papinelle can help.
  • Want a breezy set of summer PJ’s that you dont have to worry about how uncomfortable the heat is? Papinelle can help.
  • Want to feel feminine in a beautiful silk robe? Papinelle can help.
  • Want to have your temperature regulated in a linen robe? Papinelle can help.

I think you get the idea…..basically theres something for everyone and every mood when you shop the Papinelle collections.

If you would like to take a look at our sleepwear collections from a range of different designers, we welcome you to, please do so by clicking here. 





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