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New Mum Gift Ideas

September 23, 2021 2 min read

new mum gift ideas

New Mum Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for a gift for a new mother or mother that already has children, I think we can all agree that mothers do an incredible job and really deserve to be spoilt. 

Speaking from experience, I can share that mothers tend to put themselves last, so let's take the opportunity to make a special mother that you know, feeling appreciated, loved and as relaxed as possible. 

new mum gift ideas



When a mother is preparing to give birth, or has already done so, it's easy for everyone to automatically think of presents for the new baby/babies. This post is purely gift ideas for mum. 

For the first recommendation, let's start with something that can take her from any stage of pregnancy, to something special to wear at the hospital and right through to her post pregnancy days. This suggestion can be gifted from anyone including, friends, family, partner, husband, sister, brother (you get the idea) this is a gift appropriate from anyone.



These PJ's are going to help her feel a sense of glamour, yet  comfort while she is spending a lot of her time at home, (again speaking from experience, fashion, style and making oneself a priority, is not on the priority list) so let's help her here. 


 This PJ's are loved by women across the globe and a favourite amongst A-List celebrities. They have been designed by American/Russian designers at The Sleeper.

Crafted in a beautiful luxurious viscose fabric, these sizeless pyjamas are veratile enough to be worn either during the day or at night. The top can be worn as a shirt and the pants can be matched with a range of different tops. Having something like this in a woman's wardrobe will not only save wardrobe space for being so versatile, they will save time and energy in the sense the woman doesn't have to think too hard about what to wear for the day or night. Not only that but these are great for the planet as they are sustainable and longer lasting.



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