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Our Story.

My name is Sarah, I am the owner of Aruke. I recently gave birth to my 3rd daughter, which has been a perfect addition to our 2-year-old twins.

All 3 of our girls and their father have both English and African first names (Dad is African) and the word "Aruke" is a combination of all of their African names. Little did I know that in his native language, Dinka, it also means "to put a piece of clothing on" fitting (no pun intended).


I created Aruke, because I believe that when women feel their best, it flows into all areas of their life. I can say first-hand when I changed my sleepwear style, I felt a million times better! (especially being a new mum spending more time at home.)


The sleepwear you will find in our store is luxurious, and has been crafted for women to feel a sense of opulence in the comfort of their own home, their place of peace, without the distractions of the outside world. 


At Aruke, we strongly believe that how you start and end the day, makes all the difference to your world.


I hope you will come on the journey with me, I have so much in store for the future of Aruke and it would be an honour to share it all with you.


Our mission

We are a slow fashion company, meaning that we focus on beautiful fabrics with timeless designs that will last.

We want our customers to prioritize how they feel and put themselves first.

Indulge in what makes you feel your best. You deserve it.

Our products

Our products bring together the finest fabrics and stunning designs to create something very special. We believe in investing in pieces that are timeless and are crafted to elevate how the wearer feels about herself.

Each piece I have selected for Aruke is with a moment in mind, I want her to feel utterly beautiful in a moment of just being truly herself.

The designers we choose are some of the best in the luxe sleepwear space. You will find the brand we stock are those of Australian or female-founded labels.